UNIQUE ADVENTURE TRAVEL is a young but very experienced adventure tour operator, since its founders and staff have over 15 years exploring, guiding, and planning amazing adventures in UNIQUE places in different regions of Ecuador.

Why come to Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful South American country located on the equator, which despite its small territory, is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Due to its geographical and cultural variety, nowadays it is consider one of the best destinations for adventure, nature and cultural tours.

In Ecuador, in only a matter of days you can be over 19.000 ft / 5.700 m at the top of giant snowcapped volcanoes, biking from highlands over 13.000 ft / 4.000 m to the coast, or adventuring river down on a raft or kayak surrounded by astonishing tropical rain forest! Definitely a taste of paradise with infinite options to explore it!

The country with 283,561 km2 / 109,415 sq mi is divided into 4 regions across its little territorial expansion, Andes, Coast, Amazon and Galapagos Islands, four worlds in just one country!

The Andes mountain range which reach up to 6.300 m / 20.600 ft provide ideal conditions for different amazing attractions due its altitudinal ranges like majestic snowy volcanoes, beautiful lakes surrounded by extensive moors, and rainforests filled with abundant vegetation and rivers with magical towns and cities full of history and culture.

The Pacific Coast is defined by 1,000 km of marvelous beaches, sea cliffs, charming bays, protected areas, many cultural representations, delicious food and a very well-developed tourist infrastructure, which allows excellent opportunities to relax, go on adventure and be entertained in a tropical paradise which is definitely worth the visit.

The Amazon allows the perfect opportunity to discover the immense biodiversity of the tropical rainforest; from the lush green vegetation, beautiful rivers, to the vast amount of animal species, this makes it one of the most complex habitats on the planet. Here exist various ethnic groups that live in harmony with nature while preserving their ancestral traditions.

Finally the Galápagos Islands, declared the Natural Patrimony of Humanity and Biosphere Reserve, make up one of the most diverse, and unique oceanic archipelagos in the World.  Its geographically isolated location, biological richness and evolutionary processes reflected in its unique flora and fauna are only a few must-see attractions that visitors can enjoy.


Guillermo Tobar

Founder of Unique Adventure Travel and Santa Rita Eco-Reserve. Mountaneer, explorer and passionate biker. Guillermo has spent his life on bikes, hiking, kayaking and exploring Ecuador most unique paths and trails on the highlands and deep into the jungle. He has been leading for 20 years an important conservation program in one of most beautiful ecological reserves of the highlands of Ecuador, Santa Rita, a private effort to keep intact more than 300 hectares of native Andean forest in the Cotopaxi area.

Andrés Lopez Cordero

General Manager of Unique Adventure Travel, Andrés has always been attracted to outdoor life, nature and adventure sports, so much that mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering have become a part of his life. In the past four years he has been developing bike parks around the province. He is a trail builder and has been traveling around the world in 2013. Traveling is part of his life, in 2019 Andrés became part of the crew of Crankworx volunteers in Whistler Canada the biggest mountain bike festival in the world. Now sponsored by Marin bikes Ecuador.



We understand that adventure travel in Ecuador can be as diverse like your interests and experiences, which is why we are flexible and able to create the perfect adventure trip for you.



We would be glad to be personally involved planning your perfect journey! We offer one to one consultation to help you design your trip to Ecuador.  Getting to know you better by chatting online or using free calls on Skype, we allow us to create the right itinerary that meets your personal goals to make your trip in Ecuador fun-filled and successful.



Due to our affinity for adventure and the vast experience gained over the years, we have explored some of the most beautiful and often, less visited natural places of Ecuador. We are very proud to offer you UNIQUE experiences, touring places that not all visitors can see, but you must visit in Ecuador!



Being adventurous when you go on vacation is not necessarily equivalent to taking risks. We know the importance of being safe while having fun which is why we take precautions in order to ensure high standards of safety. We work with experts and qualified guides with years of experience, all certified in Wilderness First Responder and First Aid skills; certified transportation for tourism; and high quality and condition of adventure gear we provide.



On our tours, you will enjoy adventure, nature and culture while being socially and ecologically conscious. Responsible travel is about having fun, and at the same time, giving back. We practice ethical traveling that strives to reduce negative impacts of our journey while creating long term benefits to the environment, local people, and their communities.

We are conscious that these activities are being practiced in natural fragile areas that can be affected by our presence if we do not respect and take care of its wealth. For this reason, Unique Adventure Travel develops its activities in harmony with the environment and communities, trying to create as little impact as possible.



Having travelled all over the world, we realize how important it is to receive friendly and accommodating service while far from the comforts of our own home.  We strive to provide a top-notch service to our visitors so that they may feel that they are well taken care of while visiting our beautiful country.



Unique Adventure Travel is a legalized tour operator in Ecuador and member of the Ministry of Tourism, which means that we have all necessary certifications and permits to operate our tours in Ecuador.

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If you are crazy about singletracks, high-speed adrenaline, technical and smooth sections, endless downhills and astonishing views, be prepared for some of the best rides ever!


Cotopaxi volcano with 5.897 m / 19.347 ft of height is the second tallest mountain in Ecuador and lies two hours south of Quito inside of the Cotopaxi National Park.


The Galapagos Islands constitute one of the most complexes, diverse and UNIQUE oceanic archipelagos in the world that still maintains its ecosystems and biodiversity without great alterations.