4 Days Rafting & Amazon Rainforest

If you want to visit the Ecuadorian Jungle and have lots of fun, this tour is the answer! Ideal for those who love adventure, nature and culture, in four days, you will experience the Amazon wildlife, people traditions and culture while practicing whitewater rafting!

This tour takes place in Napo Province, a beautiful Amazon territory at the foothills of the Eastern Andes Mountain Range, where beautiful whitewater rivers are the perfect way to explore its natural and cultural richness. Besides, jungle excursions, nocturnal hikes, community visits, shaman rituals, and artisan rituals are the ideal complement to live a unique experience!
Days of Tour 4 days
Kayaking Distance 17.4 mi / 28 km
Kayaking Time 4 hours*
Kayaking level Class II / Class III*
Rivers Napo / Jatun Yacu
Other Activities Hiking, canoeing, wildlife encounters, communities visits


*Depending on the season and conditions of the rivers


DAY 1: Grand Canyon and Kuyana Lodge

Early in the morning, we will drive for 3 hours from Quito to the Jungle along a beautiful road that connects the highlands with the Amazon Basin. During the trip, we will see how the climate and ecosystems change in a matter of minutes! Starting from the Inter-Andean valley (9.190 ft/2.800 m), we will reach the Eastern Andes pass (13.120 ft / 4.000 m) and begin descend through the cloud forest to finally get the rainforest.

We will stop in Mondayacu Community and start a 40 minutes hike to El Gran Cañón, an amazing hidden place of Jondachi River. The flora, fauna and the river canyon itself is an wonderful experience that you can’t see or get anywhere else. Jumping and swimming in the refreshing waters of El Gran Cañon while being surrounded by untouched jungle makes you feel like you are in a movie because the beauty feels unreal! (BL/L/D)

DAY 2: Napo River Rafting (Class II) and Jungle Safari

This day you will do everything, in one day full of fun and singular experiences! First, we start with whitewater rafting, with an easy and soft Class II section to enjoy the landscape in the amazing Napo River. No matter what, you will be surrounded by the breathtaking nature of the Amazon Jungle. After our exciting half day of rafting, we will have a delicious lunch!

Then, be prepared to be amazed by the wildlife of the Jungle! We will have a guided visit to our Aquatic Safari where everyone can enjoy. We start our adventure visiting a beautiful lagoon, where we can see countless birds, some monkeys and other species from a non-motorized canoe. After that, we will visit of the community of Pununo to learn about the traditions of the local people.

Then, we will know how chocolate is prepared in the Amazon of Ecuador, we will visit a farm where the cacao is planted, then we will help the community prepare a delicious chocolate dessert to taste!

Finally, we will drive to Punta Ahuano to take a canoe (outboard motor) which will take us to Anaconda Island in approximately 20 minutes and check-in in Anaconda Lodge. After a warm welcome accompanied by the quintessential Amazonian drink: “Guayusa”, we will have a delicious dinner and rest. (B/L/D)

DAY 3: Anaconda Island and Lodge

After a delicious and nutritious breakfast, we will have a 30 minutes canoe trip to start an excursion in the primary forest where you can observe different species of monkeys, birds, insects, amphibians, frogs and snakes. After 3 hours hiking in the immensity of the Amazon between giant trees that reach 60 meters high, we will return to the lodge to have lunch.

In the afternoon, our native Kichwa guides will show you Anaconda Island, its flora and fauna, its inhabitants, their way of living and their ancestral traditions and knowledge about the jungle.

The walk continues with the arrival at the lagoon of the alligators where you can see “Caimanes Anteojos” also called crocodilian caymans. These specimens live on the island in total freedom.

At 06:30 pm, we will start one of the most impressive experiences that you can have in the jungle, a night walk. Everything that can be observed in the day, the animals and the sounds, in the night changes completely. Birds, butterflies and monkeys leave the post to tarantulas, insects, frogs, amphibians and snakes. Unique in its kind, the night walk allows you to get in touch with the most virgin and uninhabited jungle ever. (B/L/D)

DAY 4: Jatun Yacu River Rafting (Class III)

We will travel from Anaconda Island to our second rafting adventure in Jatun Yacu River, an amazing river to live a short but very exciting adventure on water.

During this trip, we get to stop and swim in the beautiful and warm Lluculín River and relax on the beach where the Jatun Yacu and Lluculín rivers converge. Although, it is a half-day tour, there is no shortage of beautiful nature that can be seen during the entire experience.

The lush jungle on both sides of the river, the sounds of Amazonian birds, and the view of the mountains in the distance leaves you with an appreciation and memory of this beautiful region.

After a well-deserved lunch, we will start our trip back to Quito. (B/L)


  • Trip from highlands to Amazon
  • Transition of climates and ecosystems
  • Jondachi Grand Canyon
  • Napo and Jatun Yacu Rivers whitewater Kayaking
  • Amazon wildlife and flora
  • Anaconda Island
  • Amazon communities traditions and customs
  • Private transportation during the whole tour
  • Experts, certified and bilingual guides for Kayaking activities
  • Kayaking Gear: Helmet, Lifejacket, Paddle and Semi-Dry Top
  • Native local guides for jungle excursions
  • Safety Kayaker
  • Meals: (B) breakfast, (BL) box lunch, (L) lunch, (D) dinner
  • Safe drinking water refills during the tour
  • Accommodation in Kuyana (1 night) and Anaconda (2 nights) lodges
  • All attractions and communities entrance fees
  • Extra sports and alcoholic drinks
  • Extra personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips


  • Day backpack (20 L)
  • Comfortable, light clothing
  • Pants, Shorts, Leggings, T-Shirt or Shirt (Quick Dry preferably)
  • Comfortable shoes for hiking activities
  • Flip-Flops or sandals
  • Rain jacket
  • Shoes / closed toe shoes (keep in mind that they will get wet) and that do not come off easily
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant
  • Cap and sunglasses with straps
  • Bottles or Camelbak to refill water
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Personal grooming kit
  • Dry bag to protect electronic devices and personal stuff
  • Extra comfortable and light change of clothes and shoes


  • Waterproof camera
  • Personal first aid kit and medicines


4P or more 3P 2P 1P
$790 $890 $990 $1.690


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