12 day Epic Andean Ride Expedition

If you are crazy about singletracks, high-speed adrenaline, technical and smooth sections, endless downhills and astonishing views, be prepared for some of the best rides ever!

This expedition on wheels covers 115.7 mi / 186.5 km along the best singletracks in Ecuadorian Andes, also known as the Avenue of Volcanoes. Biking over sand slopes of huge volcanoes, descents from highlands to coast in a matter of minutes, moorlands, cloud forest, desert are some of the highlights of this epic program!
Days of Tour 12 days
Distance Ridden 115.7 mi / 186.5 km
Riding Time 38 hours (approximately)
Fitness Level Intermediate
Skill Level Advanced 
Highest Elevation 15.750 ft /4.800 m
Lowest Elevation 2.620 ft / 800 m


Day 1: Welcome to Ecuador!

We will pick you up from airport and transfer to the hotel in Quito. This day, our guide will check with you all the details for the trip, help you with any last minute inquire, prepare everything and buy any other supplies that you may still need.

Day 2: Quito`s Metropolitan Park and City Tour

This day we will visit Quito and have a short ride to start our acclimatization process to the altitude!

In the morning we will visit the Metropolitan Park of Quito located at 9.350 ft / 2.850 m, which is a natural viewpoint of the city and its Eastern valleys. It has a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains that make Quito one of the most beautiful city in South America. This park with 1400 acres / 560 hectares has many trails and roads to bike and run, so it is a perfect place to try our bikes and have fun surrounded by eucalyptus forest.

After this, we will have lunch and return to the hotel to change and continue with the city tour through the colonial part of the city. The old city spans over 1350 acres, making it the largest and best preserved colonial downtown of America. Among its streets are 40 churches, 16 convents and monasteries with their respective cloisters, 17 squares, 12 museums and innumerable courtyards.

This relic was declared by UNESCO as the first Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 1978 and is undoubtedly a place you should not miss visiting in Ecuador.

Finally, we will drive to TeleferiQo of Quito and take the cable car that take us to Pichincha volcano´s moor which offers a spectacular view of Quito during the sunset! (B/L/D)

Day 3: Chota 5000

We will drive 2 hours north of Quito to Ibarra, the capital of Ibabura Province. In this area, where we find the best northern trails of Ecuador, we will start our first epic ride to Chota valley!

The ride starts at 8.200 ft / 2.500 m to Chota Valley located at 5.250 ft / 1.600 m in hot climate and beautiful desert landscapes that contrast with the rest of the Andes, so be prepared for some dust, thorns, but specially to have lots of fun riding down in this very particular location! Spare tubes or tubeless tires are highly recommended! (B/L/D)

Day 4: Chota 2500

We will stay in Chota Valley to ride another classic trail of this amazing area. Starting at the same point of the day before, we will have a 2.8 mi / 4.5 km climb to reach 9.180 ft / 2.800 m. From this point, we will begin an exciting descent with some technical and smooth sections to end in the heart of Chota Valley.

After this, we have a deserve lunch and in the afternoon we will drive to Otavalo, an indigenous town that you must visit if you come to Ecuador because of its cultural richness and kindness of people.

Otavalo was an area made up principally of farming communities, but with the growth of tourism, the town has begun to focus more on the making of handicrafts, specially weaving fabrics, usually made of wool, which are sold at the famous Saturday market. Although the largest market is on Saturday, and it is considered as the biggest crafts market in South America there is a very wide range of wares available throughout the week at the Plaza de los Ponchos, and the many local shops. (B/L/D)

Day 5: Pambamarca

Pambamarca, located at the highlands of the Eastern Andes in the northeastern part of Quito, has many trails to ride down into the Inter-Andean valley. Definitely, a perfect destination to start with the high altitude rides and amazing views of Cayambe volcano!

This day we will start riding at 12.500 ft / 3.800 m in two sections of 5.3 mi / 8.5 km and 6.2 mi / 10 km. We will make a stop between them in Cangahua, a small Andean Village located at 10.430 ft / 3.180 m where we will rest and enjoy the scenery for a while before continue our journey down to the valley at 8.760 ft / 2.670 m. (B/L/D)

Day 6: Valle de la Muerte

Quito is placed at the bottom of the rocky giant Pichincha (15.680 ft / 4.780 m), which is an active volcano composed of several beautiful peaks and beautiful valleys formed between its ridges. This trail, known by the local riders as “Valle de la Muerte” which means Death Valley, surely will be one of your favorite ones!

We will drive very close the Guagua Pichincha crater to start this epic ride at 14.960 ft / 4.560 m that take us down by the moorlands to Quito (9.350 ft / 2.850 m). After 14 mi / 22.5 km of amazing technical and smooth sections enclosed by great views of the Capital City and its surroundings volcanoes. (B/L/D)

Day 7: Cotopaxi Volcano

The Cotopaxi volcano, whose summit rests at 19,347 ft / 5,897 m, is a natural monument because of its unique beauty surrounded by other peaks and wide moorlands, making Cotopaxi National Park one of the most visited natural reserve in Ecuador. In addition, this area offers endless options of different levels for those who love mountain biking!

Our ride starts at 15.100 ft / 4.600 m with some short, but steep and technical sections passing thought volcanic rocks and sand! Once this initial section is over, we get to a spectacular ridge that take us to the valley at the foothills of Cotopaxi volcano at 12.800 ft / 3.900 m surrounded by amazing Andean views!

Then we will cross ahead towards the north part of the park to begin a new descent through lava rock segments to finally get, into an Andean forest at the feet of Pasochoa Volcano in Santa Rita Eco-Reserve at 10.170 ft / 3.100 m finishing an epic ride you will always remember! (B/L/D)

Day 8: Hieleros

Another high-altitude adventure! This time starting at the king of the Ecuadorian Andes, Chimborazo, which is the tallest volcano in Ecuador with an elevation of 20.600 ft / 6.278 m!

Situated in the central Andes 93 mi / 150 km south of Quito, this giant volcano is the closest point on Earth to the sun, since Ecuador is located on the equator line.

Hieleros trail, meaning ice-men trail, begins at 15.750 ft / 4800 m at the sand slopes of Chimborazo ending at 8.860 ft / 2.700 m, so more than 6.560 ft / 2.000 m of elevation loss full of fun!.

This 18.5 mi / 30 km trail follows an old path used by the people to get the Ice from the mountain to the markets of the near villages. (B/L/D)

Day 9: El Divino

This day we continue with the endless downhills! This time biking down the eastern Andes slopes to the Coast. We will travel to the town of San Miguel, in Bolivar province in the western Ecuadorian Andes. El Divino is one of the many trails that connect the highlands with the lower lands. The locals of this area used to walk this trails for commerce and connection between villages. Nowadays this old tradition is fading, but luckily we can enjoy riding along these amazing paths.

This trail of 9.3 mi / 15 km starts at 9.500 ft / 2.900 m with an initial smooth and fast section that you will love it! Then comes an amazing ridge with some steep technical sections that ends in a beautiful valley that take us to the end of this ride at 2.620 ft / 800 m in a warm weather! (B/L/D)

Day 10: Mamarumi

Finally the last epic ride of this expedition! Another wild trail in the same area of the day before. Mamarumi is a famous and beautiful with different types of terrain and you can descend by amazing landscapes feeling the transition of different ecosystems and climates.

Starting at almost 9.850 ft / 3000 m we will descend to coast by the western slopes along paths used by smugglers of liquor to bring it to the highlands from the sugar caine crops harvested at lower lands.

It is a demanding 7.5 mi / 12 km ride but you will have the chance to ride one of the best MTB tracks of the country. Definitely, a top ride for local riders in Ecuador that has become a classic one, with more than 6.560 ft / 2.000 m of elevation loss! (B/L/D)

Day 11: Pack Up and Farewell

In the morning, we will drive back to Quito to rest, pack luggage and bikes, and celebrate the end of the EPIC ANDEAN RIDE EXPEDITION with a farewell dinner and some beers! (B/L/D)

Day 12: Trip Back Home!

After this epic MTB expedition you will go home with unforgettable memories!!!


  • Quito City Tour
  • Middle of the Word city and monument
  • Panoramic view of “The Avenue of Volcanoes”
  • Chota Valley
  • Plaza de Ponchos and Otavalo artesian market
  • Pichincha Volcano
  • Cotopaxi Volcano (Cotpaxi National Park)
  • Chimborazo Volcano (Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve)
  • Flora and fauna of moorlands
  • Andean communities
  • Andean farms and farming life
  • Airport transfers
  • Private transportation during the whole tour
  • Support vehicle
  • Experts and bilingual guides with Fisrt Aid certification (6:1 rider/guide ratio)
  • Technical and mechanical support
  • Meals indicated for each day: (B) breakfast, (BL) box lunch, (L) lunch, (D) dinner
  • Snacks and fruit for the rides
  • Accomodation in double rooms
  • Safe drinking water refills during the tour
  • Permits and attractions entrance fees
  • Flight tickets
  • Bike and personal equipment
  • Extra sports and alcoholic drinks
  • Extra personal expenses and tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips


  • Full-suspension bike with 5-6” / 130-150 mm of travel and hydraulic disk brakes in perfect condition
  • A duffel bag (50 L) and a comfortable day backpack (20 L). In the big one you should put all your stuff; you will have access to this bag in the hotels at the end of the days. The small one is for our daily activities.
  • Comfortable, warm and light biking clothing
  • Protective gear: helmet, knee & elbow pads, gloves
  • Rain jacket
  • Headwear: bandana, buff, etc
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (minimun 50)
  • Bottles or Camelbak to refill water during the rides
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Sandals
  • Personal grooming kit
  • Extra comfortable and warm change of clothes and shoes



  • Rain pants
  • Biking shoes and pedals
  • Personal bike tools
  • Insect repellant
  • Personal first aid kit and medicines
  • Dry bag to protect electronic devices and personal stuff
  • Camera
2 Metropolitan Park 6.2 mi/10 km 3 hrs moderate intermediate 9.350 ft / 2.850 m 9.180 ft / 2.800 m
3 Chota 5000 8.7 mi/14 km 3 hrs easy intermediate + 8.200 ft / 2.500 m 5.250 ft / 1.600 m
4 Chota 2500 11.2 mi/18 km 4 hrs moderate intermediate + 9.180 ft / 2.800 m 5.250 ft / 1.600 m
5 Pambamarca 11.5 mi/18.5 km 4 hrs moderate advanced 12.800 ft / 3.900 m 8.760 ft / 2.670 m
6 Casitahua 13.3 mi / 21.5 km 5 hrs moderate advanced 11.300 ft / 3.450 m 8.040 ft / 2.450 m
7 Valle de la Muerte 14 mi / 22.5 km 4 hrs intermediate intermediate 14.960 ft / 4.560 m 9.350 ft / 2.850 m
8 Cotopaxi Volcano 15.5 mi / 25 km 5 hrs intermediate advanced  15.100 ft / 4.600 m 10.170 ft / 3.100 m
9 Hieleros 18.5 mi / 30 km 5 hrs moderate intermediate 15.750 ft / 4.800 m  8.860 ft / 2.700 m
10 El Divino 9.3 mi / 15 km 3 hrs moderate advanced  9.500 ft / 2.900 m 2.620 ft / 800 m
11 Mamarumi 7.5 mi / 12 km 2 hrs moderate advanced 9.850 ft / 3000 m 3.280 ft / 1.000 m
TOTAL 115.7 mi / 186.5 km 38 hrs intermediate advance  15.750 ft / 4.800 m  2.620 ft / 800 m



4P or more 3P 2P 1P
$3290 $3690 $3990 $6590


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This tour is short version of our 12 DAYS EPIC ANDEAN RIDE EXPEDITION, but we guarantee total satisfaction since you will ride the best of the best!



If you are passionate for mountains and biking, you will be in paradise on this tour! This biking trip runs along the interAndean valley surrounded by giant volcanoes and amazing moorlands in the heart of de Ecuadorian Andes.



This is a UNIQUE tour to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Ecuador in a different and fun way, on wheels! We have choose the best off-road mountain biking routes combine with natural and cultural attractions you cannot miss!